Portraits: Attempts of Total Lucidity


Video and ceramics installation.

Every time we walk around a sculpture it becomes a narrative and all narratives require time. Portraits, is a selection of attempts made with sculpture to capture all perspectives at once.

First attempt: Tree from a Window.  Video 5 min. 
How to walk around a tree being indoors?

This video is shown on a screen hanging on the wall, framed by a window frame.

Second attempt: Self-portrait when you kiss me. 

Ceramics 24x28x17cm .
How to show foreground and background at the same time?

Third attempt: All at Once.
Ceramics 24x28x19cm

Photos of trying out:

This installation is inspired in Cosmovision, which is a very multiversal and communal way of perceiving reality coming from Ancient cultures from South America.

One of the funds of this knowledge is the nonlinearity perception of time,  where time and matter are part of the same coin. Past is part of an infinitive present moment.. In that sense, we can understand: experiences/memory  and knowledge from our past and even from our ancestors are living/manifesting  in the present