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salad  bowls


guidelines to attend the events

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  • Materials:

  1. Clay, you get for free in your house :)

  2. Small bowl with water.

  3. A kitchen wooden spoon or spatula 

  4. A hair dryer. 

  5. A small wooden board (minimum 20x20). It can be a cutting board from the kitchen.

  6. A small towel or dish clothes. It is to put under the wood and be able to smoothly turn the
    ​wood board on the table.

HOW you set the table to attend the class is very important.  The core of these events is to work TOGETHER and SINCRONIZE by following the sequences of movements shown by the host. 

  1. The camera must be in front of the participant and the distance between the camera and the bowl is around 55 cm.

  2. It is suggested to put the computer on a second table next to the one you are using. It gives you more space to work and in the case, you move the table it doesn't affect the recording. ​

  3. The video event using Zoom demands a lot of energy, your battery will last less. Be able to plug your computer anytime.​

  4. It is required to use a laptop (portable computer) or I-pad. Mobile phones are not suitable. It is because, you need:

  • To see well the host and other participants making the Brain salad bowl. 

  • To show the others a good image of your hands doing the Brain salad bowl. The best angle to record the working area is a bit higher and a bit from above. To achieve, it is necessary to slightly lean forward the camera and lift the laptop or i pad around 8 cm. (see the drawing)

*For desktop computers, it would be suitable if it has an external web cam that records your work a bit from above. 

Any question you can contact.

Terms and conditions

terms and conditions:

ONE: All participants during the video events must show through their cameras only the surface of their table showing how they build up their bowls. The image must be clear.

TWO: The host only shows her face at the beginning, to say hello, and at the end to say goodbye. The participants are free and welcome to do the same. 

THREE: It is important to know that some part of the first event and the whole second event The Party, will be recorded. By the process of booking, you agree and consent that the rights to the captured video, audio and images all belong to ® Su Melo and it is part of Su Melo's artwork. The material will be show and be distributed on the internet, via social media and in publications. 

FOUR: The 100 BRAIN Salad bowls program, asks for responsible participation.

After booking there is no more chance to cancel. If you are not available to attend the two video conferences, you can give your spot and clay to someone else, a neighbour or friend who can commit.

FIVE: By the act of booking The Structure (first part of the program), you are required to attend The Party (second part) as well. 

​The 100 Brain Salad bowls is a collective art event and we count on all 100 participants to make it happen!

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