After the project was announced, 53 participants received at home the clay to build from home, their BRAIN Salads Bowls. The amount of clay was the same average weithg of an adult human brain, 1400 gr.
Amsterdam, June 2020:

During the second and third week of June,  9 groups of maximum 10 participants build up their BRAIN Salad Bowls. The meetings were made by interactive video conference and they were called 'the Structure'. 

During three hours,  step by step I presented sequences of movements in hand modelling with clay.  More than teaching and learning a skill, it was a space to safely interact and somehow bodily synchronise each other by making the same task.

The hand modelling of our BRAIN Salads bowls was a metaphoric act to re-construct the way of how we can re-connect with people during and after times of social disability, uncertainty, immobility, and fear of physical touch. ​

June Wednesday 10th, 7 PM.

June Friday 12th, 10 AM.

June Thursday 11th, 10 AM.

June Friday 12th, 7 PM.

June Saturday 14th, 1 PM.

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