Amsterdam-based artist Su Melo holds a Bachelor  in Graphic Design from UNIACC, Santiago (CL) and a second Bachelor in Fine Art from Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (NL). She also has relevant studies and physical work experience with mentors  and communities based on ancient techniques of hand modelling with clay. All of them mainly located in South America and India.

Having the experience of living submerge in very different cultures and believes, it is essential for Su Melo to work on the awareness of the common tendency to perceive reality based on pre-conceived ideas, rather than the empiric experience. Therefore, Su Melo's art work is about making distinction between the idea of something and the object/event itself.  

She believes that through awareness of this distinction and through an individual, judgment free way of perceiving reality, it is possible to change how we socially organize. It enables us to overcome the politics of discrimination that are grounded in power-based issues such as ethnocentrism, racism, or classism.

Therefore, Su Melo’s work is aimed at providing raw and subjective experiences. Her approach is to make ceramic works without a narrative or a cultural clue. Not only does this give the objects an intangible character, it also leaves space for the visitor to meet the object ‘on their own terms’, or, how Melo herself puts it, ‘come to agreement’ with the object/event. Her idealistic concept of the ‘non-narrative’ or ‘un-cultural’ object surprises the visitor with an unexpected and perhaps unifying experience of the physical and social world.

In addition, the intertwined experiences related to different approaching with clay around the world, allow Su Melo to consider clay not only as a medium but also as an anthropological  devise. Thereby, Su Melo's art work is partly research related on the materiality of clay and its connection with people’s behaviours and culture.  It is an ongoing research, the develop of certain methodology framed as Clay Practice sessions/events.


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