Amsterdam-based artist Su Melo holds a Bachelor  in Graphic Design from UNIACC, Santiago (CL) and a second Bachelor in Fine Art from Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (NL). 

The artwork of Su Melo,  mostly sculptures, is the expression of an agreement. Her method consists of finding a new, light-hearted space that emerges when two opposites meet. She calls this ‘the agreement’ or ‘the number three’. It comes from the exercise 1+1=3 within the result emerges from the act of meeting rather than the sum of its fixed separate original components. 

This space for agreement in the form of number three, is for me not only an artistic or material but also a mental and embodied exercise that I deem to be important for everyone. Looking at a work that you cannot understand from within a familiar framework and separate the object in front of you from a preconceived idea, is a liberating, empirical experience. It urges the viewer to look better, to look again, perhaps with the senses or the entire body. I strongly believe it can help us to decolonize our thinking and overcome discriminatory practices to ourself and our society; such as gender discrimination or ethnocentrism, that are grounded in a politic of fixed original components.

Work review by Arturo Desimore. Buenos Aires 2021



 Emerging  Artists Stipendium 2021/22