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Amsterdam-based artist Su Melo holds a Bachelor  in Graphic Design from UNIACC, Santiago (CL) and a second Bachelor in Fine Art from Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (NL). 

I see my sculptures as active agents, as personal translators of multisensory knowledge. With my work I aim to challenge the hegemony of individualistic perceptions of an imposed civilizational and separatist logic and propose a way of thinking, being and looking where various perspectives and knowledges meet and co-exist.


My artwork has been influenced by cross-cultural understanding brought about by the experience of working and living in South America’s Andean culture and India. I make sculptures and installations to explore human behaviour within and across space, redirecting believes and perceptive differences.

I mostly work on contradictions found in the daily struggle of realigning dominant thinking structures with an experience. I am searching for and facilitating encounters where the work emerges from the act of meeting rather than the sum of its separate original components. This is how I deal with normalized prejudices, patriarchy and hierarchical ways of being and doing. Central in my practice is the aim to show the multi-relational awareness that functions as a web of intertwined existence between and within humans, nature and objects.

Work review by Arturo Desimore. Buenos Aires 2021

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