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Lady and the T-shirt
Ceramics. 2021



* pic. by Tom Feenstra

The Enthusiasm.

Ceramics. 2019

114x121x55 cm.

Su Melo-FTF8617.jpg

* pic. by Tom Feenstra

Beauty Number One.

Porcelain, wood and metal. 2019

Su Melo-FTF8583.jpg

* pic. by Tom Feenstra

Motion of not knowing.

Porcelain, .fake hair and pressed cotton

80x40x40 cm. approx. each piece.


Instruction video on Motion of not Knowing.



Portraits: Attempts of Total Lucidity

Ceramics and video. 2017.

Portraits, is a selection of attempts made on sculpture. Different approaches on perceiving and capturing all perspectives at once.

Self-portrait When you kiss me

 Ceramics. 24x28x17 cm.

Attempt of having in focus both, background and foreground.

all at once.jpg

All at Once.

 Ceramics. 24x28x19 cm


My Impossibility to Make a Pre-Columbian

Figure and Show It as Art

Ceramics. 2019



Missing Objects (exercises on emphaty).

Interactive installation, 2017.

Ceramics, wood, rubber and sound devices.


* pic. by Gert Jan van Rooij

Gerrit Rietveld Academy Ceramics Department students's project. Organized by Nina Glockner for the Uncut event Stedelijk Museum and Kunst Rai, RAI. Amsterdam 2017.

Gap Junction 1. Sculptural Flower Vase.


65x53x38 cm.