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Congress Room

CONGRESS ROOM. Way of Being Ecocratic.

Ceramic  2024

200x113x105 cm


Large ceramic piece work based on biodiversity awareness, focusing on the interrelationship and interdependence between humans and trees. It is an ergonomic device that invites visitors to sit inside. It acts as an extension of the human body to resonate and amplify the sensory experience of being surrounded by trees.

Inspired by the proposal for a new constitution in Chile, and following its rejection, this is a first step towards recognizing and acknowledging different ways of relating to ecocratic laws. Laws that consider trees as sentient beings with the same rights as human beings. 


It is built in one piece using clay rollers,  a deeply rooted approach to working with clay in South Abya Yala (South America). Where sculptures are built structurally hollow as vessels. The same methodology that allowed me to achieve resonance within the piece.

In the upper part there is a large chamber that resonates with the sounds of the park such as birds, insects, and weather conditions such as wind and rain. Hidden inside the structure are handmade ceramic megaphones whose tubes appear at different heights so that visitors of different heights can sit and listen to the amplified sounds from the outside environment. 


What motivates me most about presenting this work is to create an experience of connection and recognition with nature in a simple way. It is about recognising the consciousness that inhabits each tree, which for me is an innate, amazing ability that comes from sensory experience rather than cognitive understanding.

This work was made during the artistic residency at the European Ceramic Work Center EKWC. Oisterwijk, the Netherlands. 

Time lapse: Building up.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 13.49.51.png

This work is currently located  at the Belmonte Arboretum in Wageningen in the Netherlands.  Part of the open-air exhibition  HEKSENKRUID: Decolonize Botany curated by Mirjam Westen.  Can be  visit from June 1st to september 15th 2024.

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