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Portraits. Attempts of Future Lucidity.  

Installation, 2017.

Portraits, is a selection of different approaches on the awareness of everything at a sculpture. 


Tree from a window  Video work. 30 sec. See complete video  here.

Self-portrait When you Kiss me.


24x28x17cm .

It is the attempt of having in focus both, background and foreground.

This work was selected by Ron Mandos Gallery for the Best Graduates 2019 Exhibition. Amsterdam.   

* pic. by Laura Martínez Alguacil.

All at Once. 



It is the attempt of perceiving everything at once.

This installation was shown in Broek in Waterland, 2017 and Cervantes Institute, Utrecht 2019.


The Enthusiasm.

Ceramics. 2019

114x121x55 cm.

Enthusiasm is a reproduction of my idea of enthusiasm.

To build it up, no measurements or live model were used.

My aim was to have in front of me the image in my head.

It almost makes me believe in objectivity. 

This sculpture was part of my Graduation show at Rietveld Academy and exhibit at  Sprouts  2019, SBK Gallery, Amsterdam.


My Impossibility to Make a

Pre-Colombian Figure and Show It as Art

Ceramics. 2019


This sculpture, more than being a political statement dominating another political statement, is presented as a ‘methodology of agreement’. This methodology has the power to overcome the underlying dualities or contradictions represented by the telling title and the figure itself.

On the other hand, this sculpture integrated conceptual aspects that comes from America’s original art – America as a continent. These aspects are grounded in Cosmovision, which is the not very well-known philosophy that have strongly influenced (still does) most of the societies and cultures on this continent.


One of the aspects of Cosmovision, refers to clay as a moldable fractal and reality can be shaped through making ceramics. It is a fractal because the micro piece of clay can symbolically represent the macro-cosmos and when the right intentions are placed into the hand work, it can effectuate a reality way bigger than just the piece of clay itself.


Following the line, My Impossibility to Make a Pre-Colombian Figure and Show It as Art is the manifestation of the desire of moving towards a reorganization of our individual and social organizations and unequal political power relations.

Motion of not knowing.

Installation. 2017

Ceramics, fake hair, wood, metal and textile.


A landscape is created by objects placed on the space. Every object depict random stories interpreted by individual dynamics of motion. Different rhythm and directionality are shown by the contrast, friction and weave made by different materials. These materials are ceramics, textiles, fake hair and light. 



The Beauty Number One.

Porcelain, wood, metal and fake hair. 2019


The Beauty Number One is the fantasy of beauty without knowing it is a fantasy. 


This piece is a beautiful monument to those memories that never happened.

It was part of my Graduation show at Rietveld Academy and exhibit at Ron Mandos Gallery Best of Graduates 2019 Exhibition. Amsterdam.   


Interactive  installation, 2017.

Ceramics, wood, rubber and sound devices.

Missing Objects (exercises on emphaty).

Could automation in cognitive processes affect our ability to empathize with others? 

How can humans feel affectionate towards inanimate objects? And could an object possibly activate the same mechanisms or "empathic processes" in the way a human body does, even when there is no human likeness?

This installation was an invitation to interact with three objects in space. Through audio instructions that work in our senses, visitors ask themselves from the perspective of the other.​

It was a project made together with fellow students from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Ceramics Department. Organized by Nina Glockner for the Uncut event Stedelijk Museum and Kunst Rai, RAI. Amsterdam 2017.

Gap Junction. Sculptural Flower Vase.


65x53x38 cm.


* pic. by Gert Jan van Rooij

Gap Junction is a medical term that refers to the heart cells and their function to exchange electrons to make the beats. It is a piece of connection and love.

Commission work organized by Frans Hals Museum Haarlem and the students of Gerrit Rietveld Academy Ceramics department, led by the tutor artist  Hans van Bentem. Selected works were shown at the exhibition Museum in Bloei 2017.



After the exhibition, this piece was purchased by the museum for their private collection. Haarlem, 2017.


Ceramics. 2017


Sync is a device that synchronises the flow of energy coming from underneath (earth) with the upper energy coming from space (central sun of the Universe). Its energy provides healing qualities to human beings. It is the result of a general state of calm, peace of mind conceived just by standing close to it.

My aspiration is to make a series of  Syncs on a big scale, monumental devices located on each continent.  On this way, it creates an energy net, producing harmony and mind welness the whole planet.



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