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Clay Meeting Saturday Morning

Hello Everybody:

This Saturday 25th from 10 to 11AM I'm inviting everybody to gather by video conference and hand model the CUP you have never dreamed ;) I promise.

I will guide step by step the process of building so feel confident to join.

This class is free of charge, you just need some clay and simple tools you can find at home.

I'm very happy to somehow meet you all and bring up the experience and benefits of working with clay. We are still facing times of social distance, uncertainty and a kind of immobility; this is our medicine guys!


- Clay approx. 300 gm. Any kind of clay

- A butter knife. etter if it is a wooden butter knifer.

- A small bowl with water.

- A wooden cutting board (not too heavy)

- Plastic card (credit card size) and scissors

- Small towel or kitchen cloth.

- Hear dryer

To join the class, please write me back.

Hope to see you all,


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