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Roberto Matta, Un Siglo D'mente.


Documentary by Pablo Basulto. 

85 min. Santiago, CHILE.

It is a documentary about Roberto Matta, Chilean painter of abstract expressionist and surrealist art of the 20th century.

Together with 3 designers I worked on the post-production of this documentary. I was assigned different fragments of a recording of an interview with Roberto Matta at his home. My job was to animate the background using images from his work. I was free to propose and produce the story board, 2D animation programming and rendering myself. In total there are about 12 minutes, including the opening credits and the animation of the corporate logo of the production company.

With this work, in addition to the experience acquired in artistic design and digital post-production, Roberto Matta was my first artistic reference. I was inspired by his sense of humour and his ability to transform stories, images and even words by the use of different perspectives. As well as his studies on time and space translated into his paintings.

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