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Yarning. Alternative modes of awareness and other nearness.




This is in what Im working now, an installation about multi-relational consciousness within ourselves and towards others. The two ceramic pieces facilitates an encounter between them and the viewer bringing new perspectives. 

These works are a structural play between opposites: inside/outside, visible/hidden, light/dark and  big/small.

My interest in working on multi-relational awareness lies in the possibility of merging different spaces, scenarios, worlds and perspectives within the space. In a way it is about the challenge of achieving dynamism within an installation using static elements, but with the important intervention and participation of the visitor. Somehow, this is why I see the potentiality of a research on space and dynamism (movement/time) in film and the use of camara. It offers me tools and directions to depict multiple spaces/scenarios and grow wider the way of making scenarios/installations.

Below are images of one of the figures in the installation and a sketch showing the second wall element. It is also a ceramic figure, a kind of 'hole sculpture' that has the standard measurement of our shoulders's width.

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