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The Enthusiasm


Measurements: 114 x 121 x 55 cm.

Photos by Tom Feenstra

Enthusiasm is a human-sized reproduction of the image in my head of a person doing the bridge pose. I did not use a model, photos or sketches because I wanted to materialise Enthusiasm as a thought and not as a representation of thought. 

I have selected this work to show my experience as a maker in 3d work and its spatiality. Specifically in my way of building, which is a hand building technique that allows me to reach higher and lighter because the figures are made hollow; shaping clay walls from bottom to top, joining clay rings following the shape of the body. During the way up, exterior walls became interior walls and vice versa. 

It is here, where I work with scenarios and landscapes which I can associate it with a camera movement. Specially when the visual has different paths and as a viewer I have to keep going in order to understand where I am, or what is happening.

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