The Enthusiasm


Measurements: 114 x 121 x 55 cm.

Selected figure for the Keramiek Triennale 2021, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn.  360º tour exhibition

Photos by Tom Feenstra

The Enthusiasm is the idea of it made in a sculpture. Aiming to posses it and touch it.

It is a figure of power, almost like depicting god but without naming it.

It opens up new narratives of saying, aiming to even find the ‘non-narrative’ or ‘un-cultural’ way to do religion.

About the process of making:

In order to represent the idea as close to it as possible, no model or drawing was used.


The building up process took a month of trying to visualise as much  possible the details, proportions, posture and perspective. The human size of the figure allowed me to embody the form and perceive,  in some parts, how my body memory was more determinant and able to shape the form that I had thought it could.

The hand-build technique I used allowed me to go taller and light. The figure was made hollow;  shaping walls of clay from the bottom up, bonding rings of clay following the form of the body.

Sometimes, during the way up, the outside walls became the inside and vice versa. It made the perception and the logic of the form uncertain, something that's shown in the sculpture and that makes it unique.