INCUBATE IS SERIE OF THREE experience based sculptures.

How to tell my story by letting you create the scenarios? 


Light and hollow porcelain figures standing on a rotating metal plate.

Measurements of each figure:

Incubate 1 : 17,5 x 18 x 14 cm.

Incubate 2: 14 x 22,5 x 16 cm.

Incubate 3: 8 x 22 x 16,5 cm.

MY PROPOSAL IS TO HANG these rotating plates on the wall, as it is showed in the pictures bellow.


I already have the metal parts to hang them and it is necessary to drill 2 holes for each figure.


BUT these rotating figures can also be placed on a pedestal.

It is important they are place at minimum at 1,5 meters high.

Incubate 1

Incubate 2

Incubate 3

Hanging on the wall:

The figures can also rotate when they are hanging on the wall. 

Some extra information:

Abstract of Review text ‘'The coil of many births: (auto-bestiary)’ 

by Arturo Desimone. 

Arubian - Argentinian writer and visual artist.

Buenos Aires 2021

'One sculpture conjures to mind an adult human female form trapped in the bloblike mass of a placenta, much as a calf just emerged from a mother-cow still wears the lining, the slime of its mother, of the feminine which appals and fascinates, terrifies and comforts by way of the life-giving magical potency.


The bodies, and limbs struggling to escape a translucent, flowing wall– part nocturnal fairy-mist, part placental– recalls a line from a famous Andean folklore verse “El gusano escapa su prisión de seda” “The worm escapes its prison of silk” While admiring the metamorphosis of the butterfly in affectionate terms, we often forget what the pre-Columbian culture knew without having the microscope: that the metamorphosis, within the chrysalis involves violent and dramatic forces, as acids melt down and destroy the body of a caterpillar before its recomposition'.

Read the complete review HERE