Feel free to join any time!  Every Friday morning we meet online. You are welcome to drop in our group of  'makers' building with clay.


Through this course you will discover sophisticated and neat ways of working with clay just using your hands and simple wooden tools. It is about being open to go primal with clay and discover the potential of simplicity.


Our learning process is mainly focus on the practice of hand modelling more than the accomplish of final products. This is why it becomes essential the awareness on the present moment and the exercise of synchronising both hands working at the same time. 


In every meeting, I'm guiding and looking close at everybody's individual process of building and rhythms. My extended experience with hand modelling gives me ability to recognise and understand clay’s behaviour and respond with personal guidelines to share and enjoy the practice of shaping clay.

The sessions are EVERY FRIDAY of one and a half hours, from 10 to 11:30 AM

You can book BASIC SHAPES, for 12 or 4 weeks.

12 WEEKS of BASIC SHAPES is the perfect length for beginners and for people who wants to obtain strong foundations in the language of clay. During this time, you will be working on different sizes and shapes on a set of cups, bowls, jars and finally a teapot. The quantity depends on shapes and personal rhythms of working.

4 WEEKS of BASIC SHAPES is good for people that wants to try out and see how the practice goes. It is also good for people which already have experience with clay or/and want to know very well how to hand model clay. During this time, you will choose to do a set of medium size cups or one jar or one tea pot.

The firing of the pieces is a high temperature and can be made in my studio in Amsterdam or in any other ceramics kiln.
To learn more go to 'clay, firing and glaze' page.

For people inside AMSTERDAM you can pay this course including material and tool delivered in your home.

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