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Firing is the act of exposing  clay piece to high temperature to make it ceramic and be able to use it. To achieve this, you need a ceramic’s oven, better-called kiln.

There are different firing temperatures, it depends on the clay you use and the purpose of your new ceramic object.
In our courses, we use hand modelling Stoneware clay (high firing clay) 1230 Cº.


To have a better idea:

Terracotta and massive industrial ceramics are low firing clay, with a temperature range of 900 Cº to 1100 Cº. This ceramic is porous and it needs to be glazed to make it waterproof.

Porcelain is firing with a temperature range of 1230 Cº up to 1280 Cº (even more). It is almost like glass, that’s why it is a bit transparent.


Stoneware clay at this temperature it vitrificated itself and as its name says, it is almost like a stone. It means the ceramic has no porous and it is waterproof. This is why we choose not to use glaze in most of our objects, but mostly because the process of firing is environmentally more friendly. No glazing consumes less energy and most of the oxides used to get the colors are toxic to extract and apply. This is why our clays have been selected by its beautiful colours to be able to show the color of the ceramics, also called naked skin.


Sample of clay we use is G&S number 592:


Even though, in kitchenware, the use of glazed has been considered as a hygienic measure. The glass layer makes the object easier to clean and it doesn’t stain from products like coffee or tea. This is why we try to make a balance offering the chance to glaze our pieces, prefferelly only the inside parts.


We have two different whitish colour and transparent. Both in matte and glossy shine.

If you already have a glaze or want to use another color, I can give you advice where to buy them.


terms and conditions:

ONE: All participants during the video events must show through their cameras only the surface of their table showing how they build up their bowls. The image must be clear.

TWO: The host only shows her face at the beginning, to say hello, and at the end to say goodbye. The participants are free and welcome to do the same. 

THREE: It is important to know that some part of the first event and the whole second event The Party, will be recorded. By the process of booking, you agree and consent that the rights to the captured video, audio and images all belong to ® Su Melo and it is part of Su Melo's artwork. The material will be show and be distributed on the internet, via social media and in publications. 

FOUR: The 100 BRAIN Salad bowls program, asks for responsible participation.

After booking there is no more chance to cancel. If you are not available to attend the two video conferences, you can give your spot and clay to someone else, a neighbour or friend who can commit.

FIVE: By the act of booking The Structure (first part of the program), you are required to attend The Party (second part) as well. 

​The 100 Brain Salad bowls is a collective art event and we count on all 100 participants to make it happen!

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