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Redondo (2023)

Touchable ceramic pieces mounted on a metal plate that allows visitors to rotate the figures and view them from different angles. 

From left to right:
Redondo 1, 22x18x23cm 

Redondo 2, 19x21.5x23cm 

Redondo 3, 16x19x21cm   



Springboard  art fair 2023 Werkspoorkathedral, Utrecht.

Springboard Art Fair 2023 zondag Photo by Almicheal Fraay (_maikeljay)-19.jpg

The figures can be detached from metal shelves and can be placed on the floor.

There are two extra pieces that can be joined together to create a larger group of moving figures.

Redondo 4,



Redondo 5,

13x17x16cm   (smaller) 


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